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AWC Process Solutions is a distributor, integrator, and OEM of various types of industrial equipment, including valves, pumps, and electrical equipment, among others, servicing municipal and industrial industries. AWC specializes in providing specialized packaged solutions. We offer clients advanced in-house engineering & design with 3D modeling, piloting, fabrication and machining, in-house control panel shop, and a full range of field services, allowing us to provide turn-key solutions.
We distribute and manufacture systems for every major municipal and industrial industry in Western Canada. Our systems range from a wide variety of pumping applications, chemical systems, water treatment, valve packages, heat transfer, field instruments, various compressibles, power distribution, and solids handling, just to name a few.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Welding carbon, stainless steel and aluminum
  • Reading and building from fabrication drawings
  • Fabricating items such as pipe packages and many skid-mounted process systems, as well as a variety of unique product solutions that we get into
  • Using a variety of tools and equipment including: hand power tools, iron worker, chop saws, horizontal band saws, cranes, pipe positioners, etc.


The successful candidate will receive on the job training (procedural, safety, equipment, rigging, etc.) and will receive applicable WCB certifications upon demonstrating requisite skill level.

Please send your resume and cover letter to

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