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Waste and Wastewater Engineers


We are seeking a qualified person to fill the position in our Engineering Division. The successful candidate will have a deep level of technical experience in design and manufacturing of water and wastewater treatment systems.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Engineering design of water/wastewater treatment plants, as well as a variety of other turnkey industrial process packages
  • Design water treatment systems using conventional filtration, dissolved air flotation, UltraFiltration and NanoFiltration technologies
  • Design wastewater treatment systems using MBR, Activated Sludge and Attached Growth Moving Bed Bio Reactor technologies
  • Manage water and wastewater treatment projects
  • Support Business Development activities in securing new projects
  • Collaborate with external project managers, engineers and contractors in implementation of water and wastewater treatment projects
  • Support and perform bench scale jar testing and pilot system testing

  • Degree in Environmental or Civil Engineering
  • Experience in water and wastewater treatment process design
  • Diploma from a Technical Institutions with relevant experience may be considered
  • Strong communication skills

Industry Leading Compensation Packages. AWC has developed a compensation package for each position that rewards employees for hard work and results. From base salary to group benefits to position specific perks, team members are rewarded for their part and contribution to the growth of AWC.

Professional Development. AWC is a strong believer in lifelong personal and professional growth and development. We support all team members reach their full potential. A healthy mind and heart lends to a healthy contributor to the success of the company. As such, AWC also provides subsidies for various fitness passes or activities for their activity of choice.

Work Hard, Play Hard. At AWC, we have a love for life and a love of what we do. We are certainly a fun place to work, with company sponsored monthly social nights, and other team events throughout the year. We are a fast-growing company where challenging assignments are just part of everyday work. The AWC team is committed to maintaining a professional environment while connecting with every member on a personal level.

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