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AWC provides complete engineered and pre-assembled valve stations for underground, above ground and in-building installations. The stations are used in a wide range of municipal, industrial and commercial applications including cross connection control, metering, pressure reducing, line valve, level control, pump control and pressure relief. Customized station enclosures include concrete vaults meeting structural load ratings such as H-20 or HS-20 as well as insulated above ground enclosures. Each station is custom designed to meet specific performance or site requirements and fully assembled prior to shipment to site.

Our experienced engineering sales and design team know that every project is unique. We work closely with our customers to understand their projects needs and requirements. Each station is assembled to meet their specifications, saving money and importantly reducing risks and installation times during field installations.



Customized Enclosures

A variety of enclosure options are available including concrete highway rated vaults, aesthetically designed above ground enclosures and kiosks eliminating confined spaces while blending it into the surrounding environment. Many options are available such as interior and exterior coatings, damp proofing, spray foam insulation, heaters, aluminum access hatches, access ladders, green rooftops, secondary equipment hatches, water tight mechanical seals, sumps, and strainers. All stations and enclosures are designed for effective operation, maintenance and repair of installed equipment.

Valves, Components and Configurations for any Application

AWC works with all specified valves and component suppliers to satisfy our customer’s specifications. We also work closely with customers to understand their project and offer innovative and effective ways of controlling or measuring water. These can include pressure control valves, flow control valves, back flow preventers, metering, isolation, and level control. Single or dual valve systems with or without manual bypass.

Fast, Reliable Installation

Each unit is fully factory assembled in a controlled environment with all required electrical and instrumentation work. A rigorous quality program assures units are fabricated to exacting requirements minimizing onsite delays and installation challenges. With external connection flanges and precision assembly, units are installed in a matter of hours at prepared sites and road closures are kept to a minimum.

Complete Electrical, Instrumentation and Controls

Stations can work independently or be fully SCADA connected for remote monitoring and operation.  A wide range of instrumentation and control capabilities are available to meet customer’s performance requirements.

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