integrated solutions

Integrated Solutions

The term “solutions provider” is gets so misused today that it has turned into a bad cliché. Nonetheless, we believe in the real concept of “solutions” so deeply that we put it in our name. A truly integrated solutions provider will help identify your pain point, provide conceptual development, execute each stage of a project, stick around ongoing lifecycle support, and eventual decommissioning and/or replacement.

The job of a real solutions provider is to simplify life by providing a one-stop-shop, fully integrated, customized solution; simply put, to help clients sleep at night. AWC offers a complete list vertically integrated in-house services to give our clients a true integrated solution.

Advantages of



  • Turnkey, plug and play – just connect power and process input / output lines
  • Accountability clearly rests with one supplier – client does not get stuck in the middle of numerous suppliers finger-pointing
  • Reduced number of parties mean reduced project complexity
  • AWC takes care of all (or some, depending on client preference) design, engineering, procurement, taking off clients’ plates and freeing up scarce resources

Reduced timelines

  • Plug and play – connect electrical feed and piping and you are done
  • Manufacturing of process enclosure takes place concurrently with site prep
  • Controlled factory environments are much more efficient that doing work on-site
  • Pre-assembled, pre-tested skids reduce risk of time overruns on site due to rework or unforeseen circumstances

Reduced Risk

  • Process Guarantees provided with AWC-designed and manufactured process skids
  • Pre-tested prior to arrival at site
  • Reduced site work means reduced safety risks and liability
  • Helps ensure completion in tight shutdown windows
  • Eliminates potential for disputes between numerous suppliers

Reduced Costs

  • Optimized, controlled production environments tend to be much more cost effective than on-site work
  • Installation costs drastically reduced
  • Reduced overhead costs – project management, engineering, procurement
  • Reduced risk of project overruns with packaged equipment

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