custom process skids

Custom Process Skids

AWC engineers and builds custom process skids based on client-specific requirements. We have hundreds of combined years of process experience in all major industries and applications.
AWC is a complete one-stop-shop provider of integrated solutions. All functions are done in-house, allowing AWC to maintain complete control and ownership of quality and timelines and provide a single source of accountability for product realization.

Typical Products

AWC designs and builds custom packages to client requirements, below are just a few examples of the types of packages we have provided.


Glycol Cooling System

Cooling system for a SAG mill for a mine in northern Canada.
Design to meet a widely varying demand. Complete with all mechanical and electrical equipment.


Pentaplex Chemical Injection System

High precision multi-chemical injection system.
All SS construction, complete with all pumping, instrumentation, valves, and automation programming.


Duplex Side Channel Blower Package

Stainless steel and epoxy coating for corrosive environment. Built to CE standards and 50 Hz for an overseas project.


Reverse Osmosis Skid

Polishing for a potable water application in northern Canada.
Fully automated with ability for remote monitoring and control. CIP system included.


Water Booster Skid

To maintain pressure in mill water supply.
Plug and play system including all electrical, mechanical, and control equipment.


Sample Draw System

Used to detect potentially hazardous levels of methane buildup in a coal silo.
Due to extreme amounts of coal dust, a filtered sample draw system was used. Entire system rated for a Class I Div I environment.


Cabinetized Chemical System

Variable metering control based on the fully integrated measurement devices and logic controller. All stainless steel wetted parts.


Seal Water Skid

To maintain clean water supply and pressure for mechanical seals for a mill’s large driven equipment. Included redundant pumps and filters, tankage, and controls for automated operation.


CIP System

AWC designs and manufacturers fully automated clean-in-place systems for a variety of industries and applications. Sanitary systems available for pharmaceutical or food & beverage industries, of a variety of industrial uses.

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