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Turnkey Chemical Metering and Blending Systems

AWC Process Solutions designs and manufactures custom chemical metering / dosing systems. We have many standard designs or we can build any customized package to your exact specifications. Be it a simple duplex skid, or a fully automated custom makedown and injection system, AWC has decades of experience, abundant inventory, and in-house resources to provide you with a one-stop turnkey package, whatever your application.

Advantages of AWC Chemical Metering Systems


  • Simplicity. Plug-and-play; drop on a slab, connect power and piping, and you are done!
  • Custom Solutions. Our in-house engineers can design a system to your specific requirements. However, you also have the option to choose from one of our many pre-designed systems.
  • Expertise. We have built hundreds of systems for a wide range of industries and applications and have the experience and insight to make your project a success.
  • Full Lifecycle Support. AWC provides service starting from conceptual design, through manufacturing and long term maintenance and support.
  • Quality. AWC has a no shortcuts approach to the quality. AWC’s Quality Management System is based on ISO9001 and all equipment is tested and pre-commissioned prior to leaving AWC’s shop.
  • Fast Deliveries. AWC maintains a large component inventory and has the ability to meet very fast delivery requirements for rush situations.
  • Process Guarantee. We stand behind our product and will provide process guarantees on any system designed and built by AWC.

Advanced Controls

Depending on your requirements, AWC can provide very simple simplex skid with manual start / stop control, or a very complex, fully automated PLC based system with online remote monitoring, troubleshooting, and alarm. AWC’s in-house automation department manufacturers their own control panels in their CSA-approved shop and has expertise with all major PLC platforms.

Controls Options Include:
  • Simple NEMA 1 enclosures, all the way up to Class I, Div I explosion proof enclosures and everything in between.
  • Automatic logic-based dosage control base on client’s application parameters
  • Remote monitoring and control available
  • Ability to receive alarm / fault warning messages by email or text
  • Local controls or simply termination points for control by client DCS

  • Data logging options available
  • Precise flow monitoring and control to ensure quality (by making sure enough chemical is metered) and/or reduce costs (by making sure too much chemical is not injected)
  • Any desired alarm or fault point – dry run protection, low / no flow, plugged filter, etc.
  • Analytics options, such as trending reports, based on client specific requirements available.

Improve Quality, Reduce Costs, and Increase Production

A well designed chemical system can:

  • Increase product quality
  • Reduce chemical costs
  • Increase throughput
  • Increase efficiency

  • Reduce downtime
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Provide analytics for process insight
  • Ensure safety of personnel

Custom Solutions

AWC has decades of chemical dosing experience with a myriad of different chemicals and across many industries. AWC will design and manufacture your system based on your application-specific requirements.

Manufacturing Options

  • Materials of construction – stainless, coated mild steel, fiberglass, various plastics, different sealing materials, etc…
  • Pumping technology – progressive cavity, solenoid, hydraulic diaphragm, gear, piston, peristaltic, etc.
  • Chemical makedown options available
  • Mixing & Blending Options – header with injection quills, static mixers, agitation, ageing spools, mix pumps, etc.
  • Various containment options
  • Standards and certifications such as API, CSA, CRN, etc…


Integrated Solutions

The terms “solutions provider” is being so misused today that it has turned into a bad cliché. Nonetheless, we believe in the real concept of “solutions” so deeply that we put it in our name. A truly integrated solutions provider will help identify your pain point, provide conceptual development, execute each stage of a project, stick around ongoing lifecycle support, and eventual decommissioning and/or replacement. The job of a real solutions provider is to simplify life by providing a one-stop-shop, fully integrated, customized solution; simply put, to help clients sleep at night.

AWC offers a complete list vertically integrated in-house services to give our clients a true integrated solution.

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