manufactured system

Manufactured Systems

AWC specializes in manufacturing customized process solutions based on client-specific needs. It is AWC’s vision to continually add value by offering our clients a one-stop-shop, fully integrated solution from concept through completion and beyond.
We can help if it needs to be Pumped, Compressed, Mixed, Measured, Heated or cooled, Filtered, Transferred, Controlled, Dosed or Treated.

Custom Process Skids


Containerized Systems & Process Buildings


Electrical Panels & Automation


Water & Wastewater Treatment Systems


Chemical Systems


Valve Chambers



Integrated Solutions

The terms “solutions provider” is being so misused today that it has turned into a bad cliché. Nonetheless, we believe in the real concept of “solutions” so deeply that we put it in our name. A truly integrated solutions provider will help identify your pain point, provide conceptual development, execute each stage of a project, stick around ongoing lifecycle support, and eventual decommissioning and/or replacement. The job of a real solutions provider is to simplify life by providing a one-stop-shop, fully integrated, customized solution; simply put, to help clients sleep at night.

AWC offers a complete list vertically integrated in-house services to give our clients a true integrated solution.

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