AWC Career Opportunities

Careers at AWC

At AWC Process Solutions Ltd., we are looking for people who have a passion for lifetime success, who enjoy providing solutions for others, and who are capable of delivering consistent superior customer service. AWC is a young company with a “work hard, play hard” philosophy. While we are definitely a fun and rewarding place to work, there are demands that go along with any position, so we are selective when finding the candidate who properly fits the role.

At AWC, we are seeking good people to join and grow with the company. AWC believes that working hard and working smart will result in superior long term results and should be given industry leading rewards. AWC’s people go the extra mile to make sure that their Clients are satisfied and don’t rest until every need is met. This often includes working outside standard 9-5 hours. AWC is a busy place, so expect to be busy all the time. AWC thrives in an environment of independence. AWC expects that their members manage their time effectively and prioritize each activity to get the job done.


Current Career Opportunities

At AWC, you can expect an environment that expects the best and rewards the best.

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